Chickens and Eggs

chicken pic2We raise the chickens free range, no fences, loose all over the farm!  The chickens return to the barn each night and I lock them in to protect them from predators.  During the day they will come back to the barn to lay eggs and drink water.  We don’t feed them much because they forage for bugs, seeds and grasses all day.  We do throw them a handful of grain most mornings just to have a look at them all and make sure everyone of them is healthy and to check for injuries.

We get about a dozen eggs from the girls a day and they are sold on a first come basis.  Most of the time I am sold out before they are even laid!

Once in a while we will raise a batch of meat chickens.  They are a lot of work so this is only occasionally when I have had requests.  That being said, let me know if you would be interested and I will add you to the list.