cropped-image-1.jpgOur beef is grass fed and grass finished.  This means that we don’t feed grain to help the cows grow.  This also means that it takes longer for the cow to get to a finished weight.  Our cows are usually taken to the butcher at 800-1000 lbs.  I do give occasional handfuls of grain so that the cows come to me when called.  This is important to make them easy to handle and makes them friendly towards us and visitors who like to pet the cows.

We will only butcher a cow when we have used up almost all of the previous one from the freezer.  We are such a small farm that we only cut beef into the most popular cuts that our customers request so that there is no wasted cuts left in the freezer.  Our ground beef is usually sold out pretty quickly as are the cuts that there are so few of on the cow like flank, filet, and flat iron.